Why Self-Host Is Important for your Website

Why Self-Host Is Important ?

So you’ve decided to write about your passion and start blogging, but now you are stuck in deciding which platform you are going to use for your blog? There are a lot of free blog platforms that you can use for your blog nowadays, you can also opt to spend your own money and go the self-hosted way.

I know, you are asking yourself, “Why would I pay when I can use the free services?” here are the big reasons NOT to use a free service:

  • Domain (or URL) is not customizable. You are mostly stuck with your-site.freeservice.com domain.
  • You can’t display AdSense or other advertising in your site. WordPress.com offer 50% after you reach around 25k traffic/month. Before that you get zero, none, nada!
  • Plugin is forbidden
  • limited choice of themes / cant custom themes
  • Can’t add custom codes (even for analytics or SEO)
  • Your site can be deleted anytime if they think it violates their TOS

Now you get the pictures right? The limitation is real in free service like WIX, WordPress and BlogSpot. Of course you can upgrade to remove some of the limitations, but again why don’t you do it in from the start? From now!

self-hosting route not only gives you the most control and allows you to look the most professional, but it also gives you security and flexibility in using a third party theme or plugins so your site can be unique and powerful

To help you in deciding between self-hosted or free service, ask yourself first:

  • Do you want to grow your blog as business?
  • Do you want to customize the look and functionality of your blog?
  • Do you want to increase your search engine exposure?
  • Do you want to build a greater credibility?

If most of your answer are no, feel free to use the free service. (Pun intended)
If most of your answer are yes, then go for the self-hosted way.

This is why self-host is important for your website

you can:

  • Buy a domain that reflect yourself/your blog
  • Install theme of your choice, find the one that suit your niche here
  • Further customize your theme by theme customization or additional plugins
  • Add analytics and SEO to your website and see your blog grow.
  • Monetize your blog by advertising and affiliate links

Budget for a new self-hosting blog:

  • 8$ / month for hosting, find best deals here
  • Buy a domain 10$-15$ / year.
  • Premium WordPress Themes start from 44$ here (one time purchase) or find a free one here

Of course, in the end it all depends on your budget, some people want to hire a decent web design company to do the job. But for you who want to minimize the budget and willing to learn doing the techy things you can do this on your own by following many tutorials around the web including mine.

Do you have your own self-hosted blog? If you do, what do you love about it? If not, what questions do you have? Share your experience below!

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