How To Create Product Page for Better Conversion

For an eCommerce website, product page has the most important role in generating conversion. Visitors mostly visit the product page to find all information they need before making a purchase decision. Moreover, the product page of your eCommerce website should be able to compel the visitors to convert, not making them leave for good. You can take advantages of elements in product page to increase the conversion rate.

Provide the answer first

The basic of product page is to answer the questions arise regarding the product. The availability info, price, and the product detail description are the vital element of the product page. However, the potential buyers are likely to have more questions than that. Providing FAQ section about the product can help visitors in a shorter time. If you have color options for a product, then you should provide the swatches instead of making it into three products.


Display product photos from multiple angles

People need to see what they are going to buy. That’s why you need to provide product photos as clear as they can. In addition, product photos should provide the visual detail of the product. Having multi-angle photos with zoom feature is a must on the product page.

Show product video

Displaying product video is the perfect way to show how your product in action. The real example of product use will make the potential buyer understand better about the product as they can’t physically examine it. If creating product video is possible, then you should go for it. Simple and short video without sound works as you can see on Net-A-Porter or Zappos.

Highlight the special offer and product badge

After stating the free shipping and/or free returns offers on the homepage, then don’t forget to display the information on your product page too. You can also put the product badge such as product guarantee or authentic badge. This can be applied when you give a discount for the price. Highlight the cut price and use a countdown timer for time sensitive offers.

Proof the quality with customer review

Visitors can cancel to buy when they think your website can’t be trusted or they’re afraid that once the product arrives, it doesn’t meet their expectation. Customer review on your eCommerce site can erase that fears from the potential buyer. You can encourage the customer to review by offering a gift in exchange such as a discount. The alternative way is curating good testimonial and put in on the homepage or particular section.

Wishlist for later

If the visitor isn’t ready yet to make a purchase, let them save the product to their wishlist. Rather than lose the conversion at all, this way you will have better chance to get conversion when the visitor come back later. When they come back and ready to buy, visitors can easily find what they wanted in the wishlist.

Make Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons standout

Make sure Add to Cart/Add to Bag and Buy Now buttons are easy to find. Note that Add to Cart button and Buy Now button have different purposes. Add to Cart button will add the product to shopping cart and the visitor can continue to browse more item, while Buy Now button will direct the visitor to the checkout page. So once your visitor is ready to make a purchase, they can easily click the button.


It seems simple but in reality, many people still make mistakes by neglecting the steps. Those steps are the key to make your product page better as they emphasize the trust factors needed by your potential customers.  If you neglect them, then obviously it will be hard for getting a conversion. Also, make sure you have the right layout to arrange those elements together in a single page both for desktop and mobile version like you can do with Upscale.

If you have more opinion to improve the conversion on product page, don’t hesitate to give your thought on the comment below 🙂

Introducing : Upscale Theme for eCommerce Websites

Are you still wondering how you can build an eCommerce website by yourself? In this article, I will explain how you can easily build an eCommerce website based on WordPress and WooCommerce using our newly-released theme Upscale theme.

WooCommerce and Upscale Theme Overview


When you try searching for an eCommerce platform, WooCommerce certainly will come up as it is the popular one. It actually is a WordPress plugin, meaning that the basic thing you need to do to build your store using WooCommerce is to get the self-hosting WordPress. WooCommerce offers you much cheaper cost with more flexibility to build your eCommerce, and it is mostly compatible with other WordPress plugins. If you have an existing web, you don’t need to worry to create a separate web for selling products. Furthermore, you can read the article here to know the reason why you should choose WooCommerce.

Upscale Theme

Moreover, Upscale is a premium WordPress theme designed for those who want to build an eCommerce website providing a great online shopping experience.  Upscale is created to fully support WooCommerce’s capability while keeping the design pleasant and modern in order to create the perfect buying atmosphere. With plenty options of customization and features in it, you have your own control and flexibility to customize the theme so that it can suit your brand. The present of Visual Composer and Revolution Slider in Upscale facilitate the easiness of building pages and creating a slider to enhance the display of your website.

The basic things you need in an eCommerce store, of course, have been covered. You can sell physical and digital products with WooCommerce, and it can be your own products or affiliate ones. You can also encourage your customers to rate and write a review for purchased products within the review section which will be helpful for the others to make their purchase decision. Sale tax, currency, payment method are easy to configure and eCommerce basic features such as quickview and wishlist are built-in in Upscale. And for comfortable customization, Upscale theme provides live preview which will be handy to set up the appearance of your store.

Leverage the Main Features

  • Lots of Layouts for Shop Page and Single Product

What’s not to love when you can have different layouts for each product page? Upscale lets you have 6 distinct appearances, both for the product page and shop page. 6 layout options for each clearly gives you more variations to be outstanding.

  • Header & Footer Builder

header builder

Pages are easily built in Upscale, so are header and footer! Simply drag and drop the header or footer elements to create the layout you want. To make it easier (as if it’s not already easy!), you can choose a preset layout for header and footer before you drag and drop the elements.

  • Product Tagging

product tagging
Despite creating a shop, you can create lookbook, blog, and portfolio on your eCommerce site. And the awesome thing is that you can link the contents on them to your products conveniently. It’s all possible using the product tagging feature in Upscale. When you upload an image, you can place tag buttons in it. The buttons will show the short information of the products, and guide the shoppers to the product pages when they click the product link.

  • Fast Checkout

direct checkout

Clear out all distractions when your customers don’t need them at all. Upscale theme can make the checkout process faster and simple by providing direct checkout button. So when they only need to buy a certain product, they can bypass the cart stage and directly go to the checkout page.

  • Product Video


The power of videos is still strong and we can see that many eCommerce stores take advantage of video. They feature videos on their product pages to show their product in motion. You can join them as you can add product video on the product page. When your customers click the play button, they can see your product in action and of course, help them to make their purchase decision.

  • Sticky Add To Cart

Upscale provides sticky add to cart button which is essential for the mobile version or if you have detailed product description. After reading the product detail thoroughly and decide to purchase the product, the customers don’t need to scroll back to the top of the page. They can click add to cart button anywhere and ready to check other products or go to the checkout process. Thus, you don’t need to insert CSS or modify any code to make this happen, you just only need to enable the sticky add to cart button and everything’s done.

  • Color Swatches and Product Gallery

Displaying only dropdown options for product variation becomes boring sometimes, right? But you don’t need to find an additional plugin when you want to display the variation options in swatches mode. You can set up the swatches right from the product setting when you add a product. The variation of the product can be color swatches or image swatches. If you have custom variation beside color such as pattern, you can upload your own images showing the pattern and it will be displayed the same as the color swatches. Once the shoppers click on the swatches, the displayed product gallery will change based on the variation.

Build with Upscale Theme

  • Getting Started: Install Upscale Theme and WooCommerce

After managing your domain name and web-hosting, what you need to do is installing Upscale from your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Appearance > Themes, upload the Upscale zip file, then install and activate the theme. Upscale has included WooCommerce plugin, so you only need to install and activate the required plugins after installing the theme.

Don’t forget to activate your Envato Toolkit so you can receive theme update directly on your WordPress dashboard.

  • Copying The Look: Install Demo Layout

You don’t need to create your store from scratch because Upscale has one-click demo installation. Choose one of the demos in Upscale then with a click, you will have a beautiful layout on your store. If needed, you can do few customization such as changing the color elements.

  • Organizing Store: Add Products

The next step is adding your collection on the web! After setting up the appearance, you can upload the products you sell. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Products > Add Product. There you can add product images, product details, and even customize the page layout within the Dahz setting. If the product has various options, don’t forget to set the product type as variable product so you can create color/image swatches later.

  • Enhancing The Display: Maximize Theme Functionality and Shortcodes

Now that you’re almost ready to open your store, you can take advantage of Upscale’s features. For instance, you can create newsletter pop-up for signup form, setup megamenu, and create lookbook. The shortcodes in Upscale can also help you to improve the appearance of your page. Product tagging, product carousel, and video banner are the example elements you can add to the post or page content of your website using Dahz shortcodes.

Users can refer to the Upscale’s online documentation as the guidance to leverage the theme’s capability.

Wrapping Up

Upscale is suitable if you want the simplicity and flexibility to build an eCommerce website. Thus, it shows that you can create an amazing web store and deliver a great shopping experience even though you don’t know a thing about coding or building a website before. Hopefully, you can create whatever store you have in mind with it.

Do you use Upscale theme to set up your eCommerce website? What feature do you like the most from the theme? Let me know your experience of creating eCommerce website with Upscale in the comment section below.