Beginner’s Guide To Improve SEO On eCommerce Website

Improving SEO on eCommerce is a little different than SEO for general websites. As there are a lot of products, SEO on eCommerce will be more focus on on-page SEO as each product should be optimized. There are tons of work to do to improve the SEO. But for the beginning, you can do these steps on your own website without being too technical.

Do Keyword Research

The basic thing in SEO is keywords. Identify keywords of your products. You can also search keywords for your brand. Focus on what keyword that will be used by people who intend to buy your product. It can be simple like ‘winter clothes’ or more detailed like ‘buy brown leather coat for winter’. Moreover, there are many keyword tools you can use. As a starter, you can try Google Keyword Planner.

Remember to determine keywords that have high volume search, and are likely to convert web visitors into customers. If possible try to find the one that will rank your eCommerce website faster. You can start with a keyword that can be a solution to a problem.

Focus On Detailing Title & Content

Now that you have determined keyword for your brand and products, implement those on your content. Time to use your keywords in sentences!

Site Title and Tagline

Site title and tagline are really helpful to the SEO. After writing your brand name as the site title, describe your brand shortly with your brand main keyword as a tagline. For example, we input ‘Women’s Boho Clothing’ as the search queries.

search queries SEO ecommerceThe site tagline of the first ones showing up contains the keyword. They don’t merely write their brand names. They give the main keyword of their brand description; boho clothing for women. Also, input the meta description of your site that will show on the search results.

Don’t forget to make the homepage layout tailored to your brand personality.

Product Name & Description

The common mistakes eCommerce website done is copying manufacturers’ description. Sometimes if the product is self-made, the e-commerce owners don’t bother to write any useful information other than the material used. Don’t copy and paste the description, write your own well. Make it useful to your customers as a thorough description. Write the main selling point first then describe the other information after.

Your product name should also include the category. To illustrate, if you sell a jacket, include the word ‘jacket’ in the product name. Jacket is the common search term so that including it in the product name can improve the SEO. Therefore, when someone searches for a ‘jacket’, your product has the chance to show up in the search result.

Moreover, input the alt text for the product images. The image name file and alt file should be a benefit to your SEO. Instead of IMG001 with blank alt text, use the product keyword as the name of the image and the content of alt text.

Blog Articles

If you keep questioning why eCommerce still need a blog, this is why. Besides sharing information about the products, a blog can be your tool to improve SEO on your store. You can create many articles related to your products and include the specific keywords.  Thus, it can build more engagement with your existing customers and attract potential buyers.

Include Customers’ Reviews

Product reviews from your customers are really helpful to enrich the keyword of your products. This will also gain trust for your potential buyers.

Bonus: Be Active on Social Media

Yes, social media can improve SEO on eCommerce website of yours. You can share your blog articles or promote your new arrival products to build social links to your website.  Show them how your product is what they need without being too salesy.

Manage Site Structure

If you’re using WordPress/WooCommerce, then you already have your website structured well. Site structure helps the search engine bots to crawl your eCommerce website effectively.

Organize Navigation Menu

Your navigation menu must be easy to understand and follow. To make it a simple, display the product category as the main menu. If you sell products for men and women, you can start using them as the main category in the navigation menu.

Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs make easier to navigate for customers rather than repeating the steps taken before. It will also help the search engine bots to find their way back to the homepage. Therefore, breadcrumbs are effective to improve SEO on eCommerce stores.

Avoid 404 Pages

Having too many error 404 pages won’t get you anywhere. When your product is out of stock/discontinued, it’s better to leave it until restocked or redirect to the product category page. Place a sign-up form so that customers can be notified when the product is back in stock. If you still think 404 page is better, customize the page such as displaying related items so that your customers won’t only see an error message.

Protect Your Website

A secure website can help you to rank better in the search results. Therefore it’s necessary to implement SSL for your website. You can identify it by looking at the address bar, where green lock appears and your website URL begins with https://. It’s not only for improving SEO, but also for securing transactional activities and personal customers data. Your customers won’t continue to proceed their checkout if your website isn’t safe. If you can’t get the SSL certificate, you can try to use third-party service to handle the payment process.

Optimize Website Speed

Whether it’s about improving SEO on eCommerce website or usual blog, the basic thing you need to do is making your website load fast. Before we’re going any further, make sure that your website is quick to load. If your website loads more than 3 seconds, you should try to make it faster.

Ensure It’s Mobile-Friendly

In addition to having a responsive design, your mobile site should deliver the usability for the user too. If you use a WordPress theme, check if it allows you to customize the mobile version of your website.

If you use Sobari as your WooCommerce theme, this aspect is already taken care of. You can customize the look of mobile version so that you can improve usability as well. Sobari has also implement rich snippets to improve your SEO. The rich snippets will display additional information such as star review and price of your product in the search engine results.


Now that you have set up the basic things, you can continue to learn the next steps such as building backlinks and canonicalize URL. For the technical SEO, you can ask a developer to do it for you instead. Therefore, this basic guide will take your eCommerce website to be ready for another SEO improvement.

Google AMP for Small Publishers: Why It’s Important To Enhance Mobile Experience

Google AMP has been quite a buzz among online publishers. The web-publishing standard has gained the attention as it makes content loads faster on mobile.  The fact that most people have been accessed digital content using mobiles attracts big publishers to sign up for Google AMP immediately.

But what’s in Google AMP for small publishers? Could it be a miracle or disaster for ones who are still climbing to the top?

To learn more about Google AMP you can check the official website or read our article about it.


The Good Side

Engaging Mobile Experience

Obviously, the purpose of faster loading time in Google AMP is to make sure that people can read the content instantly. No one likes to wait, especially when browsing on mobile. In fact, a slow website can lead people to search for similar content on another website. When your website loads fast, readers can click and scroll with ease, therefore, they won’t hesitate to read more contents on your website. That will be good to increase the number of your readers while also decreasing the bounce rate.

Allowing Ads Revenue

Even though monetization of your content may not as effective as the big publishers, it still works. You can display ads on the AMP version of your content to generate revenue. The appearance might be stripped-down, but you certainly can get the most out of it. Thus, you can display ads optimized with AMP Ads Initiative. Still, there’s no harm to use Google AMP even though you’re not considering to display ads on your growing site.

Where The Readers Are

Google is where people search for everything on the internet and where your readers come from. A user may google something related to your content then stumble upon your website. That’s when a better chance delivered by Google AMP for small publishers to capture the attention on mobile. As said before, people are more likely to access content on mobile. Google AMP can make way in finding new readers for your content more effectively.

Indirect Ranking Factor

Google said that AMP doesn’t affect the site rank in search results. But do you remember the factors of good SEO? Two of them are page speed and mobile-first user experience. And those are what Google AMP intend to. Even the big publishers use it, so Google AMP must be something to consider to improve the SEO of your website.

Easier Implementation

It’s true that Google AMP sounds so technical. But if you use CMS such as WordPress, things are way easier. There are plugins you can use to simplify the process such as AMP plugin. Even better to use a theme that is optimized for Google AMP like Onfleek. It’s obviously won’t take too much cost of your budget.


The Bad Side

No Direct Traffic to Website

The main issue arising is that Google AMP directs the readers to their internal domain, not yours. This is because using Google URL will ensure the page to load quickly. Publishers are afraid that displaying Google URL instead of their own links will hurt their strategy in building brand awareness. To address the concern, Google has allowed publishers to display original links directing users to their website.

Separated Web Analytics

As the referred links are different, you also need a different analytics for both. The code used for Google AMP in analytics is different with the regular website. Therefore Google AMP analytics won’t be integrated to other sources of your website’s traffic. You can’t analyze all traffic at once.

Reducing Some Elements

If you use a pop-up form for newsletter subscription, forget it in AMP version. Google AMP gets rid of everything that destroys seamless user experience like pop-up and sidebar widgets. You need to sacrifice those elements for a better mobile user experience. Say goodbye to new subscribers of your publishing website.



Optimizing the user experience is a must-do for all websites including your media website. It will make sure that readers will be more engaged with your contents no matter what device they use. Engagement is the important thing to grow your publishing site and Google AMP can help you reach it. Surely there are drawbacks of Google AMP for small publishers to consider. But overall, Google AMP can be a powerful and effective tool for small publishers to grow their readers by delivering a better mobile experience.

Have you tried implementing Google AMP for your website? Does Google AMP do a good job to serve what you need? I’d love to know your experience.

Must Read SEO Tips For any Website

Must Read SEO Tips For any Website

Publishing your blogpost/content is only the start of your journey, the next step is to find readers for your post. There are a many ways to achieve this such as social media marketing, link building, or SEO. In this article I want to share some tips on how to optimize your website for search engine, especially Google as Search engine optimization is fast becoming a topic that cannot be disregarded any longer.

Why do we need to invest our time for SEO?

[df_blockquote ver=”2″ border_size=”4px” color=”#0F0F0F”]“You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you. That’s too passive” – Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends Founder and CEO.[/df_blockquote]

It is somewhat implied, that a website content should be human readable. But the rules of the web world require your contents to be legible to the robots as well. These are highly sophisticated programs that are sent by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to scan through your text. A finely search engine optimized website will appeal both to the audience and robots. Your page rank will show drastic improvements and readers will be able to locate your website easily. Moreover, this is also a roundabout way of getting significant number of visitors without spending heftily in promoting your brand.

WordPress site owners can heave a sigh of relief here, because this Content Management System comes inherently prepared to embrace the search engines. Yet, there are still pointers for you to take a note of while building your website or blog. Moreover, SEO is an ongoing practice. Even when you would think that you have just about finished perfecting it, there are comes newer updates for which you need to be prepared always.

Seo tips

Optimize Your Website with These SEO Tips

Shared below are some of the golden rules to be followed preferably by every WordPress site owner.

Use a Clean Coded Themes

Errors in the code may prevent a search engine to run through your site’s content successfully. Good coding practices ensure your site conforms to the standard set by such consortiums as W3C Organization . find our clean coded themes here.

Well Organized & Quality Content

Though this may sound implicit in many ways, but the quality of your content means a lot both to the search engines and human readers. Great contents will ensure your readers to stay longer in your site, which is also one of the deciding factor of your SEO Rank.

Titles, Links & Images

Alt and title in links and images help search engines to contextualize your content and increase it’s accessibility. By adding keywords to your links and images your content search engine friendliness will increase by itself.

Responsive Design

Since April 21, 2015, Google Search has been expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results. This aside, roughly one third of the surfers use their mobile devices to access the internet. It makes sense to capture their attention and have them go through your site’s content by using a mobile friendly design. This ensures a higher rank for your website. find our responsive themes here.

Link Back

Good link backs from respectable websites make your website more optimized for the search engines. WordPress’ built in facilities like trackbacks, pingbacks and blogrolls help you to link with other people. This eventually increases your chances of getting worthy link backs. Some other tactics of generating favorable link backs are,

  • Adding your site’s url to your signature on your social profiles, emails and forums.
  • Submitting sites to various directories.

By typing your site’s url in the Google search box, you will be able to track the incoming links to it.

One Plugin That Will Help Your Site

Gone are the days when we add the robot.txt and meta tags manually from a file in your website. There are a lot of plugins nowadays that can help you to optimize your site for search engine. One of my favorite is Yoast Plugin.

To borrow their own words Yoast defines, “the art and science of website optimization.” Yoast is founded by Joost de Valk in 2010. The company researches, reviews and shares suggestions about search engine optimization. Most importantly, it develops plugins that help WordPress site owners create search engine receptive web presence. Their impressive list of customers includes such illustrious names as Facebook and eBay. Even a basic version of Yoast SEO plugin, which you can have installed in your WordPress site free of cost, shows you the SEO Tips such as:

  • Performance by recognizing pages and posts with good, ok and poor SEO scores.
  • Help optimize robots.txt easily from the dashboard itself.
  • Maintain uniform permalink structure and breadcrumbs across the website.
  • Lets you curate meta descriptions and social introductions for each static page and post.
  • Calculates keyword density. Also, identifies the use of focus words or phrases in the content body, title and descriptions.
  • Scan image alt tags and titles to check search engine worthiness.
  • Seamlessly generate XML sitemaps useful for the search engines.

Apart from the basic version of this plugin, Yoast offers an array of premium plugins specific to WordPress helping the webmasters take the advantages of the latest technological developments. Some of these include,

Local SEO – Local SEO plugin helps your WordPress site to set up in a way that ranks higher in Google for the local community. This is particularly useful if your site deal with issues or topics relevant to the local communities, websites for various administrative bodies and small and medium sized businesses.

Video SEO – Video SEO plugin is a must have for every video blogger especially since Google decided to stop showing video snippets in their search results. When searched in Google, this one returns a thumbnail image of your video post.

News SEO – News SEO plugin optimizes your site for Google news section. This is a handy tool for every blogger, publisher and WordPress newscaster who has got something to do with the latest events taking place across the world. So if your blog talks passionately about Taylor Swift’s latest plaid top or Jennifer Anniston’s two piece white gown then this is the plugin for you to have.

Ecommerce SEO – As the name suggests, Ecommerce SEO plugin helps to fine tune your shopping site built on WordPress. It functions in conjunction with WooCommerce, a shopping cart plugin for WordPress, to help promote your products in a more meaningful and effective way.

All of these are available through Yoast Complete SEO package.

The reward of getting these SEO Tips right is enormous. All your hard work for creating good content will be in vain if it fails to reach the appropriate audience. Your website is a virtual shelter for you and the majority of time the only way anyone will find the right path to reach its doorstep is through the search engines. Nurture your website’s tryst to them and reap the benefits of search engine optimization. share your tips regarding SEO below !