Improve eCommerce Search Feature for a Better Customer Experience

Have you seen an eCommerce site that doesn’t have a search feature? You might find it displeasing if a web store doesn’t let you search for a product you need. According to eConsultancy in 2012, 30% of visitors will use the eCommerce search feature when they visit the web store. That study makes sense because people demand to get anything fast in this digital era.

Furthermore, if you have an eCommerce site, especially with lots of products, making your customers search the shop pages thoroughly to find a product is absolutely ridiculous. You need to provide a search feature so that your customers don’t have to waste their time. Now, let’s learn how to optimize the eCommerce search feature that gives your customers a better experience when shopping in your web store.

Make the Search Bar Clearly Visible

search barWhen customers land on your web store for the first time, they should spot the search bar shortly. Most eCommerce sites place the search bar on the header; where people can instantly see it when they arrive at the site. Make the search bar quickly recognizable and put it on the top of your site. Also, make sure that customers can find the search bar on every page.

Don’t hide the search bar from the sight of your customers by placing it outside the header. The customers usually have a particular product in mind they want to buy. If they can’t see the search bar on your site, they might leave your site immediately and find other stores where they can find the product easier.

Apply Various Search Queries

Don’t limit the search query only by the name of the product as your customers might search a product by its attribute. Make it possible to look for a product by product type, description, color variation, brand, and SKU code. This way, when your customers don’t remember the name of the product, they can use other queries to find what they’re looking for.

Pay attention to the synonym and symbol of the search query too. If you list your product as ‘t-shirt’, make it discoverable even though the customers search for a ‘tshirt’ or ‘tee shirt’.

Provide Relevant Results

Imagine if you were looking for red shoes on a web store, the search result gave you nothing related such as displaying a red bag. You would be annoyed as you had searched for a specific thing, but other irrelevant results still came up. Don’t make your customers feel that way.

Ensure the search results on your site are what your customers expect to find. In addition, set your search feature to display relevant results although the customers misspell the keyword. They will thank you to not make them retype the query.

Use Auto-Suggestion

Auto-suggestion can save your customers’ time. It guides your customers to find what they need faster. Auto-suggestion also minimizes the search error like misspelled keyword that happens often. Bottom line, you can reduce the number of steps your customers take in searching products.

Other than auto-suggestion for the search query, you can implement instant result in your search feature.  As the customers start typing the search query, the result will display suggested products instantly.

Give Options to Narrow the Result

upscale ecommerce search feature 2Allow the customers to narrow the results before they start searching. Most eCommerce sites have done it by providing category options to choose in the search bar. You can also provide product filter to narrow the search such filter by price or filter by colors. Besides filters, the option to sort products is useful on the result page to help the customers locate the desired product.

In case the product is not available when your customers narrow it down, you can display alternative products. Of course, the alternative product should be based on what have been searched by them.


eCommerce search feature is fundamental as it helps the customers to find relevant products quickly and easily. The search feature should be simple and easy-to-use, but give exactly what the customers want. Thus, it’s necessary to optimize the search feature for improving the customer experience, which can also result in increasing the conversion.

Have you optimized the eCommerce search feature on your site? What do you think as the important thing to have in the feature? Let me hear your thought on the comment section 🙂