Amazing Persuasion Technique on eCommerce Website

What really persuade you to make a decision in shopping? Most of the time you don’t realize it at all. It’s the same with your customers. It’s not only the layout of your website or the products that persuade people to make a purchase. In fact, many elements in the website have a persuasive role. Let’s learn how those elements can improve persuasion on eCommerce site of yours.

Utilize the power of scarcity

What will you do when the product you want is on sale until tomorrow? Or how if the product only has 5 stocks left? Most likely you will put that product in your cart immediately. Reduce the procrastination to buy the product by:

  • Using countdown timer or time reminder for special deals
  • Highlighting the short supply of a product

Reciprocate for the conversion

Return the favors to your customers who make a purchase! Your little gift surely makes them happy to buy something from your store. You may give them:

  • Free shipping and/or free return
  • Discount or promo code for newsletter signup

Use social proof to kill hesitation

Social proof also has a role in people’s decision. Before your potential customers finally click that add-to-cart button, they will seek others’ experiences on using the product. Here are a few ways to ensure them that they make a good decision to buy the product:

  • Display review from other customers
  • Show recommended or popular items
  • Enable social shares and show the share counts if possible

Keep the customers and their commitments

Small things you do allow you to receive a commitment from your potential customers. This commitment can lead your potential customers to buy. After that, they can also turn into returning customers. For example, asking to follow your brand’s social account can generate a conversion in the future, as the posts may persuade the followers to make a purchase. Other ways to gain their commitment are:

  • Newsletter signup
  • Wishlist
  • Creating account, recommended being done after the first checkout

Build the authority of your brand

Due to the high chance to fall for a scam when shopping online, you need to reassure your potential customers that your brand is not. You need to gain their trust so that they will gladly make a purchase on your eCommerce site. What you can do:

  • Show your and your brand’s profiles (about me section)
  • Displaying security certificates of your site
  • Creating blog section for SEO optimized

Make them notice your interesting offer

Sometimes you can’t see what you’re searching for although it’s right in front of you. Make sure it won’t happen to your customer by:

  • Selling the related item on the checkout page
  • Displaying promotional banner to highlight your value offers

Make your product more ‘real’

Another doubt that arises when buying something online is that people don’t have any idea how exactly the product is. That’s why some people still prefer to buy from a physical store. You can ensure people about your product by writing the detailed description along with:

  • High-quality product photos
  • Product video; so they can have an idea how it is in use


Thus, these invisible forces are effective to persuade your potential customers into buying. Note that you shouldn’t abuse them as your brand’s reputation will be ruined if they become too obvious.

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If you have any thoughts or questions about the persuasiveness in eCommerce site, please leave a comment below 🙂