13 Essential Ecommerce Features To Make Shopping Easier

Aside from the basic features, there are other essential eCommerce features that should present in your online store. These features can provide usability and functionality that helps the shopping process. Applying these features can also have a major impact on closing a sale. Otherwise, the shoppers will shy away from your store and you will lose potential buyers.

Here are the essential features to make shopping more convenient for your eCommerce website.

1. Advanced Search & Filter

Improving site search should be a high priority to simplify the shopping process. Instant results or search suggestion will shorten the searching steps. Along with the search feature, product filter should also be optimized. Many eCommerce websites are oblivious to provide good filtering, as only 16% of major e-commerce websites do the right work. In fact, product filter can help customers to find products based on certain features such as most popular categories, color, and size.

2. Product Stock

How many times did you find out that the shirt you want to buy is no longer available in your size? It is such a deal breaker after spending your time in browsing products. Therefore, it will be more suitable to show stock availability not only on the product page but also on the shop page. That way your customers can immediately know the stock availability and faster than checking the product page first.

3. Mobile Optimization

Your customers may use their smartphone or tablet to browse product on your eCommerce website. As they can do that anytime, you should make your website mobile-friendly. Moreover, 54% of shoppers prefer a retailer that makes it easy to buy on several devices and platforms. It is important to make sure that customers can conveniently shop your product on any device.

4. Product Swatches

sobari product swatchesIf you sell a product with many variations, better have the product swatches for it. It is necessary to show how the product looks based on the selected variation. For example, if you sell running shoes with different colors to choose, use product swatches to show the color variation. When a color is clicked, the product photo should change as in the color selected.

5. Wishlist

If you do not have wishlist feature on your online store, go implementing it now. This is a helpful feature for your customers when they have an interest in a product but can’t make a purchase at that time. When customers can bookmark item into their wishlist, they can find the product immediately when they are ready to buy. Providing wishlist is way more effective to reduce the rate of cart abandonment.

6. Size Guide

Size guide is the one of the essential element on the product page. Yet so many eCommerce sites don’t bother to give the proper ones, which lead to increase the number of product return. Don’t make the same mistake especially when you’re running a clothing website. Include detailed size information for your customers so that they can be sure which one they should take.

7. New & Popular Products

Don’t make it hard for customers to locate your latest collection. Display new products on your homepage to simplify the way to buy the latest items. Simple touch like ‘New’ badge can also help your customers differentiate the new products. In addition, you can also feature your popular or best-selling products.

8. Related Items

The ‘You May Also Like’ or related product display on the product page will be useful for product discovery. You can offer items related to the product your customers are checking or similar items that might be better a choice for them.

9. Simple Checkout

Too long or complicated checkout process will drive away potential customers. Eliminate unnecessary steps so that your customer can easily place their order. Make it easier for them to choose the payment method and shipping options. Don’t forget to inform other details such as how long the delivery process will take.


Besides making shopping easier, these additional features are also useful for richer user experience on your eCommerce website.

10. Product Video

Product video will be convenient to show the product in real action. It can reassure your customers about the product even though they can’t check it physically. Thus, product video will reduce the hesitation in the buying process.

11. Product Tagging

lookbook product taggingWhen you’re creating a lookbook, product tagging will give shortcuts to the product pages. Your customers don’t have to do research by themselves just to buy the clothes displayed on your lookbook. Save their time and gain more conversion.

12. Instagram Shop

Instagram feed can be your alternative for lookbook of your product. Having tap to view product details in your Instagram post surely can make the shopping more convenient.

13. Integrated Chat Support

Live chat has become a helpful feature as it’s quick and convenient. Your customers can get the answer they need about the products immediately. In general, you can deliver better customer support through the live chat.

These extra features can be found in our minimalist WordPress WooCommerce theme, Sobari.


With all the essential eCommerce features, your website will be well-optimized to increase sales while keeping your customers happy. Furthermore, you can deliver a great customer experience as well. Happy shopping is no longer a mere tagline.

Does your online store have those essential eCommerce features? Have other eCommerce features that help your customers while shopping? Let us know in the comment below 🙂

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