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Optimize Instagram As Your Shop’s Marketing Tools

After setting up all element in your eCommerce website, now you need to reach your potential customers outside. Social channel is a great choice for that, especially Instagram. Having more than 600M users, Instagram has become the powerful marketing tools for many eCommerce brands. Using Instagram for eCommerce is not only about sharing photos, but it can help you to grow your eCommerce business.

Benefit of Instagram for eCommerce

  • Showcase Products

Instagram can be the additional place to showcase what you sell. You can post more photos of your product when in use, even share the story about it with the real-life setting. Lively image posts will make users easier to know what they can do with your products.

  • Boost Your Brand

Instagram can build brand awareness for your eCommerce website. Your presence in Instagram will promote your brand so that users who never know your business before will start to recognize.

  • Connect with More Customers

You can broaden your customers and build more engagement with them. This way you can reach them directly to build a deeper relationship. Moreover, you can build your own Instagram community.

  • Drive More Traffic and Sales

As you promote your products, Instagram can drive traffic to your eCommerce website. When you can successfully drive more traffic, then you have a higher chance to convert those visits into conversion. Furthermore, visually aesthetic images can be a good influence for your customers to make a purchase decision.

How to Optimize Instagram for eCommerce

  • Determine your goal and strategy

In leveraging Instagram for your eCommerce, you should define your goal first; whether to promote your brand or straightly drive more traffic. The defined goal will simplify your work in developing the right strategy. Make sure that you create a business account so that you can easily track the analytics.

  • Curate content based on brand identity

Make sure that the contents of your account represent your brand identity. Images, videos, and profile should deliver your brand personality in an appealing and creative way. Decide a style that represents your brand and sticks to it. Also, don’t forget to create the inviting caption.

In delivering the contents, decide the right post time you should consistently follow and try not to be spammy.  To keep consistent you may schedule your post using Gramblr.

  • Leverage hashtag

It will be useless if you don’t assign any hashtag when you have posted everyday on Instagram. The hashtag allows Instagram users to find your account so that your post can be seen by your target audiences and you can gain more followers. Moreover, you can create your own brand hashtag to let your customers share their posts while using your products.

  • Share user content

After encouraging your customers to share posts using your brand hashtag, you can re-share their posts on your account too. It’s the new form of user review that can be directly seen on Instagram. If you’re using Upscale, you can show-off you customers’ photos assigned to the brand hashtag on the website.

  • Partner with influencers

You can build more trust and followers for your business by having relevant influencers using your products.  Promoting your product through influencers will be less salesy and give you higher chance to get more followers. Or you can also collaborate with the influencers to run a contest or giveaway.

  • Advertise on Instagram

The main flaw of Instagram is that you can’t put a link to your eCommerce website on individual posts. The possible thing you can do is leading your user to click the link in your Instagram bio which can direct them to your eCommerce website. However, you can consider using Instagram ads to promote both of your products and websites. When you advertise on Instagram, you can assign ‘Shop Now’ button on the image linked to your eCommerce store. Moreover, Instagram will provide product tagging feature with Instagram Shopping that you can enjoy soon.

  • Integrate Website with Instagram

Encourage your customers to follow your social channel by displaying the account on your website instead of only providing social icons. You can try to use Instagram Feed, a WordPress plugin allowing you to share your Instagram account and its images on your website.

Wrapping Up

Instagram for eCommerce purpose can benefit your eCommerce growth. But don’t forget to consider cost and time for managing your Instagram. After all, your main focus should be your eCommerce website while Instagram is the optimization tools you can use.

How do you optimize Instagram for eCommerce tool? What is your strategy to use it? Share your thought on the comment below!

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