4 Basic Methods to Monetize Your Blog

Previously, you may have learned how to do affiliate marketing as a way to monetize your blog. Actually, there are many things you can do when your blog finally has attracted a lot of readers. You may already know that most bloggers start generating an income from their blog once they have high traffic/followers.  Now could be the time for you too! Let’s learn deeper about the basic methods to make money from your blog.


It’s the most basic start to get money from your blog. You need to work with ad network and allow spaces somewhere on your blog to display the advertisement. Google Adsense is the popular ad network to begin. Simply sign up for an account, use the tools to get ad code, the copy-paste it on your blog. The ads can be banner, sidebar, or text ads, and it usually have pay-per-click system; you get paid when people click the ad on your site then sign up or make a purchase. But, you have to remember that this method could be not very profitable when you don’t have a large number of readers, and it can disturb the reader’s attention to your post.

Sponsored Post

Another advertisement you can do after having high traffic, but more creative than only placing banner ad on your page. This method will let you get paid to create a post that advertise a brand. The post can be a review about a product or service, or it can be and information about an event that the brand holds. You can use the opportunity to create great content, such as teaching something helpful to your readers that related to the product or service. Even though you aim to advertise the brand through your post, you still have to be honest to your readers. Choose wisely on which brand you’re willing to collaborate with. Isn’t it funny if you don’t like pizza but you make a sponsored post about a restaurant that sells it?

Affiliate Program

As explained in the previous post, affiliate program is kind of a mix of ad and sponsored post. The system is pay-per-click, but you promote the affiliate brand in your blog post, put the logo of the brand in your site, or even put the affiliate link in special metabox like you can do in Applique. This allow you to earn a commission when people go to the brand’s site and buy something after clicking the link on the logo or the link you put on the post. What you need to do is find brands that offer affiliate programs. Or, you can try to join an affiliate network like ShareASale and Amazon, where you can browse and search a brand to apply for its affiliate program. You also have to choose wisely of the brand, you still have responsibility to give honest review to your readers, so you may only join the affiliate program of a brand you are fond of. Bottom line, never promote something just because of the commission, but do it as a real solution you can deliver to your readers. If you need tips to do affiliate marketing, you can read here.

Sell Your Own Product/Service

monetize your blog - create online store

Let’s get real as an entrepreneur! You can use your blog to sell your product or service. The product you sell doesn’t have to be a physical product only, because you can also sell digital products like e-book. You may also offer a service such as consulting, coaching, e-course, even online workshop. You can sell anything you want, and your blog is a great channel to direct people to your sale page. You may put your product to sell in Etsy, but you still can direct people to go there from your site.

Creating online store on your blog is possible too. For your WordPress-based blog, there’s Woocommerce that will be helpful to directly sale product from your site. It’s an easy plugin to integrate into your site. You can also find a WordPress theme for your blog that already has the plugin in it. For example, Food & Cook theme has included Woocommerce so that the readers of your food blog can directly see what’s in your store. The key is find the method that you think the most effective to grow your brand so it can be easily recognized by people.


Overall, you need to put in mind that these basic methods still need some time to make a big impact on your wallet, and you can also develop a creative method to monetize your blog. If you have a question or want to share your most effective method, please write it on the comment box below 🙂

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