5 Actionable Tips to Make your Blog More Interesting to Read

Make Your Blog Interesting To See and Read

When you just start blogging, you may be wondering how you can make your blog interesting for people to read. If nobody reads it, what’s the difference of your blog with your diary? In order to promote and gain many readers to visit your blog, of course you have to form your blog as a nice place to stop by at first. These are a few steps to make your blog more attractive.

Readable and Fresh Contents

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Content is the main point of your blog. Choose a topic about what you’re passionate about or what the topic of your blog is (niche), as this is one of your reasons of creating the blog. The content should be specific; it can be challenging or solving problems for your readers. Try to find your style in writing. No need to be Shakespeare to complement your writing, just use common references that will be understood by all of your readers, maybe adding a little humor. Keep in your mind to make your posts short, that the readers just need a minute or two to read. If you need some inspiration, take a look of top bloggers with the same niche (e.g. you may visit minimalistbaker for food blog reference).

High Quality Images

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Add images to make your posts more appealing and to represent the content of your post in visuals. Find or take the pictures by yourself in good quality. You can also use infographics to enrich your content. Note that the files should be in small size that won’t slow your page to load. The easiest way to optimize the quality and the file size of your images is installing EWWW Image Optimizer on your WordPress plugin. For other options, you can use desktop applications such as ImageOptim and Trimage, or online applications like JPEGMini.

Great Layout

Fashion Blog Theme - AppliqueFashion Blog Theme - Applique


The design of the blog takes a role of the appearance. Choose a great theme that enhances your page. The layout’s colors must be easy on the eye. Also pay attention to your typography. Choose a theme that has a clear font and make sure the size is not too big or too small which can cause your writings hard to read. You have to be certain that the design of your blog is convenience to read in all type of devices and it should be able to represent your blog. For instance, if you have a fashion blog, Applique theme is well-suited to enhance your blog which has 14 different design layouts and 3 skin options to choose, responsive design (mobile-friendly), and is also effortless for you to customize the theme on your own.

You can see our other themes here for reference.

Engage with Readers

make your blog interesting - engage with readers
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Communicate with people who kindly take their time to read your blog; you can start by responding to their feedback well. Reach your readers outside by providing your social media accounts and an email newsletter (use MailChimp for example) on your blog. Don’t hesitate to include social media button at the end of your post so that the readers can easily share it on their accounts.


make your blog interesting - engage with readers
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Try to post in regular time. Your blog won’t get enough appreciation if you don’t update in a long time and your potential readers might go away. If needed, set yourself an editorial calendar to manage your plan on publishing new post. If you update the blog frequently, your readers will be happy to visit your blog regularly for a new post!


This is just the starting point to make your blog more interesting, because there are still many ways you can try to go further. Have another tips? Feel free to share your opinion 🙂

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