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How to Start a Blog Series : Blogging Mistake to Avoid

How to start a Blog series : Blogging Mistake to Avoid

Blogging is fun and rewarding, yes it’s true. Thousand fashion bloggers around the world make an average $25k a month by doing what they enjoy. While you may say that it’s too good to be true, you need to know the reality. Like any other job, it requires your persistence and hard work.

In short you can’t expect to earn money from blogging without putting a continuous effort for providing great content and distributing them around the World Wide Web. Blogging is a journey, you are bound to make mistakes along the way. This is not a problem though, the popular bloggers out there have experienced this too, fortunately for you, you can learn from them and be a more prepared blogger than they ever was.

[df_blockquote ver=”1″ border_size=”4px” color=”#0F0F0F”]“It’s no secret that personal blogs—once thought to be the purview of online diarists and hobbyists—are serious businesses now. Bloggers not only command huge readerships—they’ve also become celebrities in their own right, publishing books, starring in ads, collaborating on collections, and even hosting TV shows. Thanks to affiliate link programs, they’re also making bank on all the products and brands they recommend on their site.” – Hayley Phelan[/df_blockquote]

So in this article I’m going to list blogging mistakes that people made, curated from actual fashion bloggers that can be found in the internet, without further ado here they are:

Not Planning Ahead

Fail to plan = plan to fail. This is so true in the blogging world, if you have a plan, it’s easier to stay on track. By planning your content ahead, you can manage the consistency of your blog posts, and it can also be a reminder on what to buy or research before you start the actual writing. While there’s no clear guidelines on this but some bloggers do this on monthly basis, every 3 months, or even every 6 months.

Tips: Prepare your schedule in such a way that enough time is left for you to share contents on the social media, comment or reply the comments, contact influencers, stay updated about the ongoing trends and do other necessary tasks apart from creating the posts.

Failing to Showcase the “Real” You

Your blog should be designed in such a way that it reflects either you as a person, if it is a personal blog, or your company, if it is a commercial one. Many people maintain separate blogs for sharing personal anecdotes, professional work, portfolio and business.

Invest in purchasing custom themes, appropriate typography and logos. Don’t just opt for a fancy design because it looks good on someone else’s WordPress site. The design that is suited for a fashion blog could hardly be suitable for one meant for writers.

Tips: Choose your niche first, then find a blog name so you can buy a custom domain and also create logo for your blog. Finally choose a theme that designed for your niche, we have our own fashion blog theme Applique that designed specifically for fashion blogger.

Using Sloppy Language

Once you have written your posts, take time out to edit and / or proofread them. Poor written pieces impress no one. Besides, it reflects negatively on you and shows that you are not caring enough for your blog. Many bloggers think using slack language, profanities etc are alright on a personal blog. In reality no one manages to create a credible brand based on such things. Moreover, when asking for sponsorships, crowd funding or donations these practices can be called into question.

Ignorance about Fellow Fashion Bloggers

Do not be negligent of this. Review other, more successful, fashion blogs sharing the same niche as yours. Find out what they are doing better than you. These explorations will help you to understand your current situation better and find some ideas.

Tips: remember that this tips intend to help you find things to improve your own blog, don’t stray just because other people do it! Keep on focusing to your strength or uniqueness but do think about what makes a blog so interesting to you. Perhaps he/she has great photography, or well written content then use them as the standard for your blog.

Being blind about the techy stuff

Of course you don’t have to master all the techy stuff, but knowing some of the basics can help you in the long way. Things like SEO and Google Analytics are really worth to learn as they can help you understand your blog reader demographic, which can contribute to your content and marketing planning.

Tips: read my article to learn about SEO here, and learn about SEO plugin for your blog here

Expecting the Contents to Deliver by Themselves

In an ideal world, quality content coupled with a good design should be enough to bring you blogging success. But you are up against very steep competition. You need to work extra hard to let everyone know that your blog is loaded with excellent content. Even SEO in itself is not going to draw enough attention to your blog.

So, explore all the available options for your niche. Find community that interested to your fashion content, use popular fashion hashtag when you share your content to your social media and also build relation with fellow fashion bloggers.

Tips: Read my tips on how to grow organic traffic on your fashion blog here


For my last tips, as mentioned above, blogging is like any other work, blogging for success requires continued hard work and devotion. Expecting success too soon may be harmful. With a misplaced ambition, there is a good chance you will be disillusioned with it pretty fast. Most of the successful bloggers you read about today are blogging for 5 years or more. Their blogs did not become a thriving business overnight. So be prepared of that kind of sustained dedication.

so, that are my my latest tips on how to start a blog, you can read other tips from our blogging tips category to help you prepare your new blogging conquest. Lastly, remember the words of Theodor Seuss Geisel a.k.a. Dr Seuss, “So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.” (Oh, the places you’ll go!)

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