how to grow traffic for fashion blog

How To Grow Organic Traffic for your Fashion Blog

How To Grow Organic Traffic for Fashion Blog


Whether you are a Veteran fashion blogger or a new one, you must want to get your content to as many reader as you can. In SEO terms you can categorize your readers as traffic, and increasing your online presence will directly grow organic traffic for your fashion blog.

In this article I want to share you some of my tips to grow organic traffic for your fashion blog, to make your content reach more readers and followers. Without further ado here are the tips:


how to grow organic traffic for fashion blog

Lay out the Foundation

 Attractive Website

  • Make sure your website is user friendly as you will want to minimize the bounce rate in your site and deliver as many content as you can to your readers.
  • Mobile-Friendly website is a must so your blog will get a boost in Google’s search results. Other than that you will also need it to keep your readers happy when they access your site from their phone.
  • A shortcut to this is to use a good WordPress Theme for your blog, our theme Applique is mobile-friendly and have a simple yet elegant design to make sure your website is not too cluttered and easy to look and navigate.

Focus on Content

  • Continue to add worthy contents on a regular basis. Publish posts as often as you can, Having a regularly updated website helps search engines to prioritize your web presence.
  • Never ever be lazy about search engine optimization, even if it is only through a Plugin the result can be seen over your blogging years. We have a whole post that you can read regarding SEO.
  • Write clickable headings and similarly noticeable subheadings. Incorporate keywords in the headings, body content, image titles and so on, but do not overdo it.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Start Sharing

  • Share your blog posts on social media. Use Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc to have your story viewed by a wider audience.
  • Add your Blog URL to your signature, specifically the ones you use for email communications, forum posts and social profiles.

Reach Community

  • Join Fashion community/forum such as or IFB, share your style, discuss relevant issues, and invite them to your blog. Other than traffic you can also get knowledge and new friends!
  • Join Facebook Groups and Google+ community. Find fellow fashion bloggers and new readers from this communities. You can also create a group/community on your own. If it’s your niche you can share your experience to the members.
  • Try to be a part of small conferences or informal meet ups where you may socialize with likeminded people. Face to face conversations have not become outdated and still produce quick and effective results.

Get Some Help

  • Ask your readers to share your content and provide share button in each of your page to make it easier for them to help you.
  • Discuss with fellow bloggers and do some guest blogging for them. You can invite them to do the same in your blog too. This will bring you a whole new set of reader.
  • Seek influencers. To do so, you do not always need to drain your money. You will find many successful people who are approachable enough and would not refuse promoting your website, particularly if it includes highly useful contents
  • Arrange contests and giveaways on special occasions. Besides traditional gifts and gift vouchers, think of presenting items that would be highly appreciated by your viewers. A sample copy of your eBook, a Kindle subscription etc can win hearts without breaking your bank. This will also help your audience to be more involved with your project.

 I truly hope this article can help you to grow organic traffic for your fashion blog and find more readers for your fashion blog. Don’t forget to share your tips too in comment below.

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