The Ultimate Sources to Find Incredible Free Stock Images

Adding images is one of the strategies to invite and engage visitors on your website. You’ll always need great images to your site, either for feature image, site header, or even illustration of your content. Taking photos by yourself isn’t always the solution, as it is time-consuming and you can’t capture exactly what you want. This is when you need free stock images for adding visual interest to your next blog post, website or even commercial project.

Don’t imagine standard stock images that look cheesy and uninteresting. What I am talking about is high-quality free stock images which have an excellent job to make your site more appealing. They even can make your site look more professional. If you’re running a business site and know how to use a photography software, you can also create a gorgeous mockup with them to promote your products!

Note Before Choosing Free Stock Images

  1. Always check the licenses of each photo! Mostly free stock images have CC0 license which allows you to use it legally for free without any strings. Some of them require you to give attribution (credit to the photographer). Understand the licenses can prevent you from getting caught up in a legal battle you never asked for.
  2. Make sure that the images work within the context of your site’s content and design. The images should be relevant to the information they accompany, or they will be useless.
  3. If an image feels familiar, go search for another. The big disadvantage of using stock images is that the images you choose could also appear everywhere. But if you still want to use the image, you may consider to edit it first (if the license allows you, of course).

Free Stock Image Sites to Explore

  1. Gratisography
  2. ISO Republic
  3. Foodie’s Feed
  4. Moveast
  5. Pixabay
  6. Unsplash
  7. Magdeliene
  8. Death to the Stock Photo
  9. Splitshire
  10. New Old Stock
  11. Pexels
  12. KaboomPics
  13. DesignersPics
  14. Negative Space
  15. Public Domain Archive
  16. Fancy Crave
  17. Picjumbo
  18. Jay Mantri
  19. Little Visuals
  20. Getrefe
  21. Picography
  22. Life of Pix
  23. Stokpic 
  24. Startup Stockphotos
  25. Scatter Jar
  26. Cupcake
  27. Epicantus
  28. Splashbase
  29. Stockvault
  30. Stocksnap
  31. TookAPic
  32. Creative Vix
  33. Shutteroo
  34. Barn Images
  36. MMT
  37. Stocksy
  38. FindA.Photo
  39. Travel Coffee Book
  40. Foter
  41. Superfamous
  42. Albumarium
  43. Rawpixel
  44. Creative Convex
  45. Freepik
  46. Lime Lane


Using stock images can enhance visuals on your site, but it will fail if you overdo it. As long as you choose carefully, high-quality stock images can improve your site (see our live preview themes for example).

Have you found images you like? Is your favorite resource for free stock images on the list?

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    Yinan Chen

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      Alin Marlina

      Awesome, thanks for sharing with us, Yinan Chen!

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    Thanks for this great post with great sources for FREE Stock Photos.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have added a collection of FREE Stock Photos to my website at You can download them in high-resolution and use them in your personal or commercial projects, without giving attribution.

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      Alin Marlina

      Thanks for sharing, Marshall!

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