Envato WordPress Toolkit Tutorial For Theme Update

When you want to search premium WordPress theme for your site, there’s no doubt that you will (or people will recommend you to) go to ThemeForest. It’s the most popular marketplace to find great quality themes from qualified theme authors. One feature that ThemeForest offers is Envato WordPress Toolkit. It’s a plugin that simplifies your work to install and update the theme you’ve purchased (that’s why all themes created by Dahz has included this plugin, it’s to make your life easier!). Theme update is unavoidable because there are fixed bugs, latest version of WordPress changes, and new features. This plugin will show you when the theme has an update available. It also shows you the list of all themes you’ve bought from ThemeForest. Now, let’s get straight to the Envato WordPress Toolkit tutorial!

Installing Envato WordPress Toolkit

If you purchased theme from Dahz, install and activate the Envato Toolkit plugin in your site. The file for installation is included in the theme package.

If you need to download Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin first. Just so you know, this plugin isn’t available on the WordPress Plugin Repository. You have to go to GitHub instead to download the plugin ZIP file.

envato wordpress toolkit tutorial - github

Install the plugin by going to your WordPress dashboard, then navigate to ‘Plugins’>’Add New’. Select the ‘Upload’ menu, then browse for the plugin ZIP file. Click ‘Install Now’ button, then ‘Activate’ the plugin.

Getting Envato API Key

Before you can use the plugin, you need to generate your Envato API Key. Log in to your account in ThemeForest and go to your user profile page. Select ‘Settings’ from the account dropdown, then navigate to the ‘API Keys’ tab. Click ‘Generate API Key’ button to get your API key and copy it. You can also create multiple keys if needed.

envato wordpress toolkit


Setting Up Envato WordPress Toolkit

Now after getting your API key, go back to your WordPress dashboard page, then go to Envato Toolkit menu item. Enter your Envato username in the ‘Marketplace Username’ box and your API key. Click ‘Save Settings’ button.


If you can’t see a difference, please refresh the page. You should be able to see the list of your ThemeForest purchases. You can install and update your ThemeForest themes right from your dashboard now. Thus, if you make another theme purchase from ThemeForest, you can install it directly from the Envato Toolkit menu.

Updating Your Themes

Some people don’t update their themes because they are afraid that all of their modifications will be lost. In that case, you should use a child theme to make any changes of your theme. As long as you’re using a child theme, any customization shouldn’t be affected when you update.

You need to check the Envato WordPress Toolkit settings regularly to see the alert if there’s an update available. Therefore, if you want to get automatic update, simply click ‘update automatically’ link displayed on your selected theme information in the toolkit.


If you need to back up your current theme files beforehand, you can uncheck the ‘Skip Theme Backup’ box on the Envato Toolkit page.



Envato WordPress Toolkit really is a helpful yet simple plugin. However, at the moment it doesn’t have auto updater, so you won’t see an update notification from your WordPress page. You have to see its GitHub page to see if there’s any updates. You might try to get WordPress GitHub Plugin Updater for alternative auto updater.

Hope you find this tutorial as helpful as the Envato WordPress Toolkit! 🙂

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