How to embed media on wordpress

How to Embed Media on Your WordPress Site

It’s no strange that while writing a post for your site, you want to add media content to make your post more enjoyable to read. Beside uploading your own content, you may also put content from another site to yours, called embedding. In the past, embedding was only relying on posting code into your post which kind of hard to edit. In WordPress, there’s oEmbed support that makes the sharing extremely simpler. It allows you to embed media on your post by just putting the URL link on the visual editor (not making it as hyperlink).  You just need to paste the URL of the content on the visual editor, then WordPress will automatically turn it into an embed. You can see the live preview of the embedded media directly on the visual editor. Note that you should copy the URL without text before and after it. But if you want to put the link shortly after your text, you can use embed shortcode; just write the URL between [ embed] and [/embed].

If you would like to know all media supported by WordPress oEmbed, you can see them here.

Embed Images & Video

Instead of using ‘Add Media’ to put photos and videos, you can easily copy and paste the URL of the media like you can do while making gallery or video post.

So, when you copy the URL of a Youtube video then paste it like this:

embed media wordpress

It will turn into:

Or you can do it like this:

embed media wordpress - 4

Remember that you should copy the URL in the address bar on your browser, not getting an embed code of the content you want to share.

Embed Music

Thanks to oEmbed, you can also easily embed audio from popular website on your post such as SoundClound and Spotify.

Note: To embed a song or playlist from your Spotify player, make sure that you choose the option ‘Copy…Link’.

Embed Social Media

When you need to show your post from social media, just copy the URL from the post and you’re ready.

If you want to put tweets in your post, you can also choose the ‘Copy link to tweet’ from the tweet options.

For Instagram, you can choose ‘Copy Share URL’ from the image options, or directly copy the link from the address bar.

Embed Document

Not only media like photos, videos, or music, you can also embed your document too into your post. You can share your magazine from Issuu, presentation slide from SlideShare, or even share a poll that you make from PollDaddy.

Embed Affiliation

If you’re using Applique, you can also embed your affiliation into the available metabox at the bottom of your editor post page. For example, if you have ShopStyle or rewardStyle account, you can create your outfit then get the embed code. Copy and paste it into the affiliation metabox.

embed media wordpress - 2

On the actual page, it will turn out like this:

embed media wordpress - 3

Embed Anything Else

If the content you want to share is not from one of the supported media, you can try to put the embed code of the content in the text editor. Don’t switch text editor to visual editor because the code will be disappeared. So, if you want to try that, finish your text first then switch to text editor later. For instance, after you have finished writing your post, you can embed a Pinterest post on your page. Copy the embed code, then paste it into your post through the text editor.

Another way you can try is getting a plugin for your WordPress such as Embedly Add External Media, or Jetpack. This way you can embed from other sites such as Google Maps and Facebook.


Thanks to oEmbed and WordPress, we can share many contents quickly and easily. Just drop the URL of the content into the visual editor, done!

Just some NPH/Barney Stinson for you guys 🙂

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