Choosing the Best Fashion Blog Theme that Attract Reader to Your Blog

Choosing the best Fashion Blog theme

Choosing a fashion blog theme is one of the most enjoyable thing to do when you start or redesign a blog. Finding the one that suit your niche and looks really good in any device (responsive design!) must be the first things you need to confirm when choosing a fashion blog theme for your blog.  Apart from that and the basic/techie stuffs such as clean coded and seo optimized, you need also to make sure that the features that the theme has, will compliment your content and make it stand out to your readers. for that I compiled some of the must-have features to help you choose a fashion blog theme for your blog.

Look for :

Clean and Clear Navigation menu

The navigation menu on a website is like a road sign on a street or airport. It guides people to what they want to find and what you want them to find. Choosing the right navigation menu design is important for your blog as its one of the first thing your reader see on your blog. So take this into your consideration when choosing the best fashion blog theme for your blog.

Choosing the best fashion blog theme for your blog

Tips: find one that give you options to customize menu items while keeping the cleanliness of the design.

Powerful Archive pages

By providing a beautiful archive page to readers interested in reading past posts, you’re further nourishing their loyalty and engagement level, which is important to build a loyal on your blog.

Tips: check a dedicated archive page in the theme’s demo, a good archive page is the one that let your readers find past posts easily through sorting option.

A Distinctive and Informative Sidebar

Sidebar can be used to promote your products or other posts as well as to get users to do anything else you want, e.g: accessing popular or recent posts or even displaying a seasonal banner and category that can’t be included in your menu. I’ve found that adding your bio and social media on every page of your blog, within the sidebar, is a great way to connect with your readers.

Applique best fashion blog theme

Tips: I love floating sidebar! It let our important content to be always in sight when page is scrolled down or up.

Advertising Space options

As your blog grow, you may want to offer an advertising area for your partner or sponsor. Sure you can use a plugin for this, but having it built in your theme will open up some space in your server. Remember that everytime you add a plugin in your website, it will add loading time of your pages that can affect your overall blog performance.

Tips: choose a theme that allow you to use BOTH custom banner and adsense code to give you more options in the future

Easy to Use, Easy to Customize

Because not everyone has a developer friend that ready to help setting up your blog. finding the one that is easy to use for us- people without an IT background, will save our time and money in the long run.

so that’s my tips on choosing the best fashion blog theme. do you have any other criteria? or let me know your favourite fashion blog theme in the comment below.

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