Applique Showcase : 10 Inspiring Female Bloggers to Follow in 2016

10 Inspiring Female Bloggers to Follow in 2016

There are many blogs about women out there that you might have visited and read on your leisure time, and some are still being hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These ten inspiring female bloggers are the examples that probably will become your new muse and may aspire you further. Let’s scroll down to get to know them!

0 Inspiring Female Bloggers Post Male Syndrome

1. Post Male Syndrome

Post Male Syndrome, or PMS, is another PMS that won’t get you hurt, but it will heal you instead.  Through PMS, Natasha Adamo shares her experience and thought about all kind of relationships you have in life. If you still need more guidance or advice after reading her blog, the California girl offers coaching to help you further.


10 Inspiring Female Bloggers her track

 2. Her Track

Helping women about their daily life problems by sharing stories, that’s the impression you get when visiting Her Track. Originally founded by Lexi Herrick, now twelve young women have united to erase your anxiety in online-magazine-kind-of-style. By sharing similar experience you’re facing in life, this blog gives you new perspectives of how to deal with it.

 10 Inspiring Female Bloggers Real Heart Alignment

 3. The Heart Realignment Mentor

If you need more improvement about your love life, go meet Lauren and her heart-to-heart stories. Not only your love, she will also guide you to find your true self.  When you need more enlightenment, you can try to join her session or coaching. She also offers Free Live Masterclass on certain times, so stay alert for it.


10 Inspiring Female Bloggers wildstyle story

4. Wild Style Story

Derived from her love for writing, fashion, and travelling, Angels combines them all into one in Wild Style Story. Having lived in Spain and Australia, and even having been to many countries such as Paris, inspires her a lot about style, dream, and passion. You can gain inspiration and motivation too from reading her stories.


10 Inspiring Female Bloggers es lifestyle

 5. E’s Life and Style

Meet Eleana, the one behind, who kindly shares her personal fashion style by creating E’s life and Style. Involving in fashion industry for a long time, she put what she has learned and explored into writings and photos.

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