A Look At Applique User Experience

User Experience is all about user’s perceptions of all practical aspects such as utility, ease to use, and efficiency of the system. These all are applied in interaction and performing tasks, how the user feels when interfacing with a system, how they feel about it while they’re using it. Based on these aspects, so we looking at such things as ease of use and pleasant in Applique. In order to achieve high-quality user experience, we offering a seamless merging of graphical and interface design, and involve a myriad of user tasks that perceived as being valuable.

The notion that “design decisions should be based on the needs and wants of users”, said Dr. Donald Norman, a cognitive science researcher who was also the first to describe the importance of user-centered design. So that Applique is developed with the user-centered design to trusting user with their vote of confidence. We make the behavior of common interface elements and dialogue as consistent as possible. As Applique appearance is simple and elegant, the dialogue between user and system follow the natural sequence. That’s how we – the team behind Applique look at these aspects, take an effort for the best in each element for fashion blogger experience. Besides, we’ve focused on using micro animations, because we believe that these will enrich experience.

To illustrate how the elements do so, through a few of the micro animations we’ve implemented so far:




Back to Top


This ‘Back to Top’ button will automatically appear on the right aligned navigation menu when you scrolling down your blog.


This button will also appear in footer when you scrolling into the bottom of your blog. It will make your readers go back to the top of your content blog easier.


Share Buttons



Read More



Post Pagination



Applique also comes with Custom Archive with the advanced filter category. This feature will give your reader easy to find the specific post that their desired. Filter the post by selecting date, category, or just write the words in the search box and the desired posts will automatically appear. It will make your post never missed by your readers.



WordPress Customizer, the real-time customization tool.

Theme options of Applique powered by WordPress, manage all aspects with single click in Customizer. The Customizer is absolutely critical to WordPress’s continuing success. Now, more than ever, it is ease of use and power. It’s pretty clear that the theme Customizer not only makes it easier to do everything from the front end, but also designed to work great on mobile devices, and allows you to set basic settings without having to dive through WP-admin. Touch devices and real-time customization tools are the future, and it’s the beginning.

Applique is aiming to achieve high-quality user experience, creating beautiful animation on a powerful and usable features to be easy and pleasant. Besides, the design is developed by common interface elements and the natural sequence . The theme options also powered by Customizer, create in an effortlessly timeless style, customization made easy!

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