7 Reasons to Start Writing Listicles on Your Blog

Realize it or not, listicles are everywhere. They’re the popular kind of article that people love to read, and you may be included. Blended from list and article, a listicle is an article presented in the form of a list. The haters see listicles as a degrading form for writers that relates to laziness. But is it? Let’s get to the points why listicles are worth to produce on your blog.


1. Easy to Produce

In creating a listicle, it’s easier to come up with an idea where you can list down the useful points to talk about. As the structuring is done for you, your main job is to get an interesting angle to write so people won’t be bored to read it. Hence, being easy doesn’t mean low quality content. You still have to produce a listicle with an interesting and well-developed topic.

2. More Engaging

Listicles allow you to engage your readers directly. Readers don’t have to dig several paragraphs first in order to find the captivating pieces. On the other words, listicles meet our needs to process information with little effort. That’s one of the reasons why people love to read listicles. You can also draw responses more effectively with a listicle. Readers can explore the topic by themselves that can open up a discussion. Well start and conclusion of listicles keep the readers engaged too.

3. Easier to Read

Simply stated, most readers don’t read all your words. It’s important to highlight the points you want to deliver so the readers won’t miss anything. With many contents they receive everywhere, readers tend to scan a text to determine if it is worth reading carefully. Listicles show every part on the content clearly and lead readers straight to the highlights which makes easier to process.

4. Arousing Curiosity

Listicles naturally tap into people’s curiosity as their headlines are appealing enough to draw readers. Headline is the important thing as people will discover your listicles through the title first. If you like eating or cooking pasta, don’t you feel intrigued when reading a headline that says 19 Things You Didn’t Know About Pasta?

5. Clear Expectation

It’s another power from the headline of listicles. When people see the headline, they will know exactly what they’re going to get, whether it meets their interest, and the time they need to spend on reading it. There’s no space for ambiguity in listicles because readers know what to expect from them and the content should satisfy the curiosity that arise from the headline. This can affect your blog’s traffic positively.

6. Excellent for Busy People

Let’s face it. People nowadays have little times and attention for reading absolutely everything in an article. Or it could be you that are occupied with tight schedules and have little time to write a blog post. Listicles are more efficient to write and read as they allows readers to get new information in a little time, while you can produce a new post in lesser time. Time and attention are absolutely precious in the world of contents.

7. Stand Out Visually

Listicles mean more visuals in creating catchy contents! After finishing up your list, you can embed images that helps you reinforce your points that can also boost SEO. Beside images, you can embed GIFs to add some fun. Remember, never put a random images or GIFs that are irrelevant with your points.


Listicles give you another way to express yourself in a fresh and creative way. They can lead you to many great ideas too. And without doubt, creating a valuable listicle could be a great strategy to bring more readers into your blog.

What’s your decision? Are you ready to start writing a listicle now?

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    I really love making listicles. It’s way easier and less time consuming to read. I prefer listicles over a big ass story sometimes.
    Sometimes listicles just don’t work with the post, though. I used to write series reviews as a listicle and it just didn’t work 🙁

    Other than than, I love using it!

    I agree 100% with this post. Keep up the great work !

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      Alin Marlina

      Hi, Irem!
      Yes, some posts may be a bit off in listicles form such as a review.
      But listicles encourage us to think more creatively in approaching readers 🙂

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