4 Reasons Why You Need to Create A Vlog

Have you tried out video blogging? The blogging alternative known as vlog transforms content-sharing media from writing into a video and it already becomes a trend in recent years. If you feel bored on writing your thoughts, then making a vlog might a fresh format both for you and your readers. Moreover, it can also add the fun combining your text post with a video.

The questions “do I have to vlog?” or “isn’t it enough to share my ideas in a written post?” now arises. Then my friend, let me tell you a few things about vlog before you decide.

  • Diversify contents

Let’s face it. Some topics are easier to discuss in a writing form, but others are more understandable if you present them with audiovisual. Which one will you choose for a DIY tutorial, a written post or a video? I, personally, prefer to watch a video as I can see the process in more details. There’s no rule that you have to share your ideas only in one format, so you can decide freely in what format a topic you want to talk should be presented. You may also collaborate your text with a video to make your post more attractive. If you need an example, take a look on Zoella‘s blog.

  • Wider your audiences

It’s not unusual to know that few friends of yours are don’t like to read. They’re not wrong, though, because the way people absorbing information are varied. You may like to read newspapers, but your brother likes to watch the news as he is likely an audio-visual learner. Making a vlog allows you to reach more audiences who are like your brother. You can do vlogging by making a channel on a video platform such as YouTube, which let you attract a larger audience there and gain more traffic to your blog when you put the link in the description. Don’t forget to embed the video link on your WordPress blog to keep engage with your blog readers and organize all of your videos into a playlist which makes it easier for them to find. If possible, add subtitle or the narration of your speaking in the video to help the audiences who don’t speak the same language. This way, vlog helps you to connect with your audiences better.

  • Improve useful skills

It’s a different challenge to get your audiences’ interest in a video. It requires other skills to do such as storytelling skill. You may improve the storytelling skill you have when you do the writing, along with communication skill, both in verbal and non-verbal. And with vlog, you have to capture your audiences’ attention by telling a story in the most engaging and fun way. Mostly people love to entertain themselves by watching a video, so with vlog, you also increase your skill to entertain them in your own way. Moreover, making a vlog make you learn of editing video which could be your new skill.

  • Another way to affiliate

We all know that vlog can also be a tool for affiliate marketing. For instance, if you’re a beauty blogger, you can make a vlog to review a new beauty product or it is famous as ‘beauty haul’. You can give more information about the item such as see how it is applied and how it turned out through the video, then complete it with the affiliate link where you made a purchase for the product. Advertising and sponsored post can also be done in a vlog!


Creating vlog shouldn’t be a difficult task and don’t think about the gears too much, as you can start making it with your phone camera in a daylight. But the important thing is the impact of your content.  Think about which type of content that delivers your message successfully, the go for it. If you decide to make a vlog, make sure that you make it because you want to and don’t give up easily.

Have fun with vlogging!

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