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10 Super Actionable Tips for Engaging eCommerce Website

Creating eCommerce website in this digital era is a no brainer, but gaining customers is. As many people can have their own eCommerce store easily, the competition isn’t simply about selling your product. It’s also about how you differentiate your store in delivering shopping experience. Customer experience becomes the important element to survive in the battle and get people to make a purchase. Means, you have to build engaging eCommerce websites.

The following tips can help you to make engaging eCommerce websites so that you can increase the customer experience and turn your visitors into real customers.

” Engaging eCommerce Websites means better SEO ” – Dahz

First impression matters

for engaging ecommerce websitesFirst impression has a huge role to keep visitors stay when they land on your website. Make your homepage as an appealing attraction with ease of use. Choose the best layout that immediately represents your brand identity. Refreshing the homepage design regularly may help to increase the conversion, especially on holiday seasons. The attention span you get is only 8 seconds, so you better make the best out of it.

User-friendly navigation

for engaging ecommerce websites

Don’t make people questioning themselves where they should start browsing on your website. Provide simple navigation to easier their way in finding their need. If you have many items to sell, dividing them into categories clearly. Clear call-to-action (CTA) button such as Add to Cart button, search bar, and shopping cart should be present anytime. If possible, let the visitors modify the navigation while they are searching for products. Having recently viewed feature will also be great to simplify the browsing.

Use high-quality photo

for engaging ecommerce websites

Excellent product photo is a must for your eCommerce store. It’s what visitors see at first from your product details. Make sure your visitors get the clearest photos of your product from multiple angles and different variations (size, color, material). It will assure your potential customers about their expectation of the product. To make the product more stand out, match the photos with useful product copy and zooming feature.

Product videos

for engaging ecommerce websites

Many people still have hesitation on shopping online because they want to feel or touch the product before buying it. Product videos are a great alternative to lower the uncertainty. Showing your product on a video surely give much more details on how the product looks like for real. Just see what ASOS have done on their product page.

Customer Reviews

for engaging ecommerce websites

Another way to gain more trust for your product is product reviews by the customers. Reviews with personal stories and real experience of using the products will be more trusted than the product copy itself. It gives more insights about the product from the same perspective of the potential customers.

Social Media Sharing

Social media network is the suitable place to gain more popularity for your brand. Give your visitors the ability to share your product on their accounts directly from the site. Note that the placement of social sharing button should not distract the conversion goal.

Craft an interesting blog

for engaging ecommerce websites

It’s great to give beneficial information related to the products. Develop a blog section on your website that is filled with high-quality contents, such as articles on how to use your product or reviews that compare similar products. It can also optimize the SEO strategy of your site. For fashion eCommerce, creating a lookbook will be as helpful as a blog to show your customers how to wear products stylishly.

Easy checkout

for engaging ecommerce websites

Complicated process of checkout absolutely will raise the abandonment cart. Implement easy checkout for your customers’ convenience instead. Simplify the steps to checkout, provide guest accounts, and provide a number of payment options. Don’t forget to show the return policy and delivery information.

Secure shopping experience

When creating eCommerce store, it’s important to make a secure website. The basic is using a secure platform like WooCommerce to decrease the chance of getting hacked. For ensuring your potential customers, get an SSL certification. It establishes a secure link between your server and their browser, usually displayed as a green lock symbol with https:// in the URL. Flaunt it on your website that your site is trustworthy.

Run a promotion

for engaging ecommerce websites
Who doesn’t love a discount? Show your offer in a place where visitors will definitely see it. The promotion like holiday sale season or free shipping is another factor that influences the purchase decision. Or you may try to give a coupon code that can be used on the checkout.

Go mobile

mobile responsive for engaging ecommerce websites

Last but not least, giving the same great shopping experience from the desktop in mobile or tablet version is the basic of engaging your potential customers. Responsive design isn’t an additional anymore, it’s an essential now. Even 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

” Engaging eCommerce Websites means more sales ” – Dahz

There are still more methods you can do to build engaging eCommerce websites. As the great customer experience is achieved, your customers may become the returning customers. And of course, it will improve your online sales.

What do you think is the most important on delivering customer experience? Let me know your opinion in the comment.


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